23rd Febuary – Arrival in Nepal

Our travel to Nepal was a smooth trip besides some initial delays in the bus scheduels in Nuremberg. Once we arrived we were delayed for about an hour by choosing the wrong immigration machine. Having helped a few people click the right buttons, we entered Nepal without any problems.

There we were welcomed by an agricultural engineer from germany – Norbert. He and his nepalese counterpart Abicheck are heavily involved in the region around Bolde, where our projekt is and would like to use our technology to comabt the plastic waste problem in those communities. We had a productive meeting over coffee and chai and agreed to find a way to transfer our knowledge to them. This is after all what our work is about – improving the lives in the local communities.

A driver from the hospital then picked us up and drove us quickly to Dhulikel. Located here in the mountains with a stunning view is headquater and main hopsital we cooperate with. After checking in, we let our contacts know we arrived savely and set an appointment for the next day.

We spend the afternoon exploring the city and enjoying the fantstic views. The old town center is full of magnificent traditional carvings, birck and woodframe buildings, small shops and a certain business more modern cities lack. Upon finding a larger temple and coyly taking a few pictures the kids roaming the place wanted to know who we are, where we’re from and whether we play football. We did.

After this eventfull start into our trip we returned to our hotel, had lentels and rice and went to bed early.

Tomorrow is gonna be full of information and new faces. We look forward to that.

Best regards from Nepal,

Arne and Henning