2nd & 3rd March – Up and Down we go

Breakfast was a bit different today. Instead of Dhal Bat or Peanut pancakes we had donuts – from the store. We jived them up with something called “Hiffenmark” – a type of jam made from rosehip (just google it 😉 ) THe combination was well recieved by everyone and headed out to our construction. There we finished to last two layers of the inner case with great precission and whith much explenation to the welder and bricklayer that are here to learn how to run a project like ours. After about two hours, hundreds of checks and double checks we finished quite happily with a smooth level top layer. The heart of the system is no drying and ready.

And now? Now we start with the …. oh wait….our material has still not arrived. After checking all of our preparations again we decided to call it a day, changed into trekking cloth and set out to the river below to check out the bridge connecting the two sides of the valley. Armed with water, cookies and a hand drawn map from dipendra we made our way down through woods, farm land and farms with family and animals greeting us and showing the two strange beings next path to disapear back into. After skipping stones and making our way back up in about an hour and a half we enjoyed a black tea and some biscuits.

Without materials there is no progress in construction. Thus we switched to the softer tasks we have. With dipendra we reviewed the waste separation situation in the small clinic. With only three waste producing sites this was done rather quickly. In the next days, after talking to everyone, signs and two separate bins will be set up. Right now the waste is chucked down a hill and burned showing how influential our project will be. Afterwards we all tried our best to somehow find a driver willing to drive our material up the winding and muddy roads. With not much luck

With regards

Arne and Henning