The first visit to the school

Within in the next weeks, the TCB crew (Julian and Ina) will attend four schools in Ghana that have been equipped with computers during earlier projects over the last five years. This time, it is our aim to evaluate the impact that has been achieved in the meantime and provide all four schools in Ghana with a specialized server called the “knowledge box”. As an internet connection is not always available, this server provides learning material for all students – offline.

Currently we are in Cape Coast, visiting the St. Paul’s Catholic Basic School Nkanfoa.

22nd to 25th Feb

Pic 1: Prosper who picked us up from the airport and we
Pic 2: Our school
Pic 3: George who is a member of TCB from the beginning and organised everything in Cape Coast

After arriving on Friday, we went from Accra to Cape Coast where we are going to stay the next week. During the weekend, we met other TwB members from the RG Bayreuth and spent some time with them. Additional to the fun, we discussed their own project and how to solve some problems which they were facing. Furthermore, we were introduced to our host in Cape Coast, who is the father of one of the school’s ICT teachers. Both of us have their own room and even separate bathrooms!
Also the Ghanaian team, George, Derrick and James joined us during the weekend. Derrick and George have been involved in TCB for quite some time now and are the guys to rely on when we as Germans have questions about the project. They were the ones preparing our stay and communicating with the stakeholders. On Monday, we went to the schools to install the Knowledge Box. But due to a power blackout this task seemed impossible – so we started to inventory the laptops. After the power supply was working again, we checked not only the hardware but also the software.
Installing the Knowledge Box was easy, as Julian prepared the server in Germany. We had difficulties connecting some of the laptops to the Knowledge Box. But by making use of some USB Wi-Fi adapters Julian had bought, it finally worked.
In the afternoon, we purchased external hard drives and prepared a backup for our knowledges boxes.

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