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Every first Thursday of the month at the “Caro Eck” near U-Bahn “Feldstraße” at 19:00. For up-to-date info for this meeting contact us

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Every second Thursday of the month at TUHH at 19:00 o’clock. For up-to-date info for this meeting contact us

Due to covid situation the Newcomers-Meeting and Group-Meeting are held online. For more information contact us

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New project video for “Water for Eritrea” online

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December 20, 2020


How to support together, despite crisis

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December 13, 2020


Development cooperation in the pandemic year 2020

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November 29, 2020

More News

The Hamburg regional group is currently working on three projects in the field of water supply. As part of the “Water for Eritrea” project, a sand storage dam is being planned and built to store and supply water for the population in the highlands of Eritrea. The project cooperates with the NGO ARCHEMED, which provides medical and humanitarian aid in Eritrea. In the "Clean Water for All - Chiro" project, a stable and sustainable water supply system is being implemented in a small village in eastern Cambodia. There we work with the local NGO Organization for Basic Training (OBT), which runs a free school in the village. In addition, in the project "Water supply for Sondoveni - Peru" an annual and clean water supply system for the village of Sondoveni in the Peruvian rainforest is being developed in cooperation with the local aid organization Creciendo. The regional group works closely with the local group of Engineers Without Borders and therefore benefits from an intensive transfer of experience and knowledge, joint activities and mutual support. Due to the large number of student members, we are still active as a regional group at the Technical University of Hamburg and receive great support from this side as well. The implementation of aid projects involves a lot of organization and work. That's why we can use every helping hand. Become part of our team and support us actively! Regardless of whether you are studying, working, retired, technicians or non-technicians, we cordially invite you to one of our next meetings!


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Agroforestry Demonstration Farm in Ghana

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Water for Eritrea

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Clean water for everyone – Chiro

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