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The water group develops implementation plans for all kinds of water-related projects. It is not just about how water can be obtained and made available in good quality, but also how to save water or replace methods, e.g. with dry toilets. Eco-sanitation, or EcoSan for short, provides solutions that help to save water and make the most of other materials. The water group is supported by volunteer members of all regional groups.

Knowledge about fresh water, wastewater, and eco-sanitation

In the water group, knowledge is collected, organized and passed on so that the experiences and practical knowledge gained or existing in our projects are not lost. To this end, there is an internal knowledge database. It includes, for example, water topics such as groundwater and sand storage dams, well drillings, drinking water analyzes, dry toilets, or how, for example, water can be extracted from the atmosphere if no other sources are present. This expertise is always at the disposal of our regional groups in projects around the world, thus providing a great help in the planning and execution of projects. In return, we will gain insights into the development of our technical knowledge and will be able to share the lessons learned with our groups.


Specifically, the following tasks have been successfully implemented or started by our regional groups:
  • Cambodia: water supply in Chiro, Kampong Cham
  • Eritrea: construction of a sand storage dam for water supply in the Begu Valley in the Keren province
  • Ethiopia: water and school kitchen in Axum
  • Ghana: water as fundament for better education, water supply at the Cape Coast, in the Central Region, in Larabanga, Kato, and Akaniem
  • Ghana: water supply, waste water and dry toilets in Akrofrom, and wastewater in Have
  • Ghana: Wessoclean, and regenerating wells in Kumasi and Sunyani
  • Haiti: water supply in Cap Haitien and pre-exploration of water and wastewater in Jean Rabel
  • Madagascar: water supply and wastewater in Fotadrevo
  • Tanzania: dry toilets in Moshi
  • Uganda: water supply in Nandere
  • Zimbabwe: wastewater and water supply in Katondwe


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Thomas M H Witt

MSc Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics

Head of the Water Group

Member of the RG Hamburg


Video – Implementing a Sand Storage Dam – “Water for Eritrea”

Return of the team of the Regional Group Hamburg from Eritrea. Five members were up to four weeks in the Begu Valley in the Keren province…

Oktober 09, 2017


Begin with the dam construction

At last, after a long effort and a lot of perseverance, the foundation for the Sandspeicher dam was laid, and construction work for the first stage began…

August 09, 2017

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We develop project-related solutions for water. For example, our knowledge base includes topics such as groundwater and sand storage dams, well drilling, drinking water analyzes, or how, for example, water can be extracted from the atmosphere if no other sources are present.


We are developing project implementations on the subject of EcoSanitation. Our knowledge database includes, for example, topics such as tapping toilets, hygiene and the sensible use of the separate streams.

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