Group MakerSpace

About us

The MakerSpace – the right people with the right ideas.

Our goal is to transfer knowledge and develop skills. We act as intermediaries between members, working groups and external organizations. Everybody can be a part of the MakerSpace-network and find the right experts (in and out of TeoG) for their challenges. Skilldevelopment and support lead to personal progress, improvement and sustainable empowerment.

You need somebody, to build you a prototype or to calculate your concept? You are interested in a special topic or you just would like to learn a new skill? You would just like to build something yourself?

Than we are the exact right partners for you! We are a colorful bunch of TeoGs, who like to support others in their ongoing projects and help out where ever we can.

Just ask – we will see what we can do for you!


Here are some of our previous actions.

Workshops / Knowledge transfer

We gladly prepare workshops to any topic or skill you are interested in – we are pretty sure that we can find someone who would be excited to work something up.

RepairCafé / DIY Instructions

You always wanted to build a shelf or a workbench by yourself? We already did it and can provide you with the instructions. Is there something you would like to build or is something of ours broken and needs to be fixed? Just ask us!
  • Construction of a workbench and a shelf
  • Silk-screen printing on t-shirts
  • Repair of different devices

Support of projectteams and different AKs

We would like to support you in small tasks you can ‘outsource’ from your project, e.g. developing a prototype, calculating a model or improving some processes.
  • Support for AK IT to develop a ‘SingleSignOn’ for TeoGs